Professor Petey, when enervated by the demands of defending his radical hypotheses in the lofty circles of academia he inhabits, often channels his alter ego “Mowgli Piti,” a feral orphan child of British missionaries who were dispatched by the vicious Kimpurushas tribe. Mowgli Piti was raised by Nilgiri Leaf Monkeys and befriended by a kindly old Indian white-rumped vulture named Manjunatha. In the wild he developed incredible strength, speed, reflexes and endurance that were extraordinary in comparison to normal men. He has wrested gorillas, crocodiles, pythons and even man-size seahorses. He also speaks many languages, including Dutch, Swahili, Hindi, Bantu dialects and also communicates with many species of jungle animals such as the guar, golden langur and Irrawaddy squirrel. Being able to access his inner child helps to keep him scholarly and well rounded.


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