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  JAMES BOND PETEY   Sir Basil Petey, junior member of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), commonly known as MI6 (military intelligence), on his way to SIS headquarters in Vauxhall on the banks of the river Thames near Vauxhall Bridge, London. He is leading a programme of joint US-UK paramilitary operations secretly housed in Texas kindergartens. He is responsible for interception and decryption of

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Zahir al Peetre ibn Skaht, (المدرب الإبل ), first borne of Arab prince Zhatwa al Skaht, guides his recalcitrant dromedary through the ancient and meandering streets of Shubra El-Kweima during his morning rounds looking to score a few piastres from the day-trippers & cruise ship travelers. Although he is a gentle handler, he remains alert so that he is prepared for any volatile Camelid

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Professor Petey’s, a renowned explorer, an adventurer of sorts. He treks the world wide over, but shuns the fine resorts. You see, he’d rather dine with monkeys, in the rainforests of Brazil, or cruise the fjords of Norway, searching every rock and rill. He did the samba in Jamaica and saw a Yeti in Nepal. From shining seas to mountains, he’s mostly seen it all.

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