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NEW BOOK ON THE HORIZON! – THE WORLD (According to Professor Petey)

Here’s a look at the cover of my new book starring Professor Petey “Petey seeks adventure; it’s deep down in his bones. He gets bored while chasing pirates, but loves the great unknown.” This quote apply describes my grandson Pete who is the inspiration for the Professor Petey character and star of two fun books – The Amazing Adventures of Professor Petey, and the upcoming

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The Making of Katie and the Kudzu King

Have you ever lay on your back, looked up into the Heavens and watched the clouds scud by? It is so relaxing and also fun. A favorite pastime when my children were little was to search for animals and faces in the clouds. Some people see rabbits, sheep and monkeys. Others see “Man’s Inhumanity to Man.” Still others see signs of hope from departed

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Market Days Columbus Georgia Book Signing Event

Market Days – a wonderfully eclectic smorgasbord of crafts, cheeses, chickens and cheer. Each Saturday morning from 9 until noon, downtown Columbus is transformed into a colorful farmer’s market. It is a magical event with roving crowds of adventure seekers enjoying the produce, homemade goodies, merchandise and music. It is kid friendly, dog friendly and family friendly. Thanks to an invitation from the Columbus

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