Ben And The Little Blue Bus

Ben and the Little Blue Bus by Columbus Georgia Author Stephen K. Scott

BLBB-Cover-WebOne bright summer day, a giant cruise ship arrives at the tiny Caribbean Island port of St. Melvin, Antibulla. A British couple and their two children disembark for a day tour of the island. Looking for a car and driver for the day, they try to employ a limousine, but the children spy a battered little old bus, driven by a tall gregarious island man named Ben. The children win out and the adventure begins. The children want Ben to take them to the top of the island volcano. The parents are horrified but give in to all the excitement. Between the market area and the volcano, they encounter numerous obstacles, each to which Ben calmly replies “no problem” and proceeds to “motor through” any difficulty presented. He also adds “and up we go” or similar saying at each instance of the parents’ doubt.

This book is currently in development and should be sent to press in July 2016. You will be able to order the book here, on our Facebook page, on Amazon Kindle, on Barnes & Noble nook, in print and anywhere books are sold.Image from the upcoming book Ben and the Little Blue Bus by Columbus, Georgia author Stephen K. Scott.